Monday, March 19, 2012

Menu for the week of 3/19

The strawberry crisp from Sunday night - quick, easy, and delicious!
I had a culinary success on Sunday. Spur of the moment, I decided to invite the extended family over for dinner. I made meatloaf, baked sweet potatoes and regular potatoes (which we ate topped with cottage cheese and pepper), and my brother-in-law made his delicious garlicky green beans. For dessert, I made strawberry crisp. Both the meatloaf and the strawberry crisp got rave reviews! Few things makes me so happy as people enjoying food that I have prepared. 

For this week, here is the menu plan - mostly taking it easy and trying to keep things clean:

Monday: beef fajitas 

Tuesday: ham and cheese roll-ups (sandwiches in a tortilla instead of bread)

Wednesday:  leftover baked potatoes and sweet potatoes, meatloaf (again! It was that good!), green beans

Thursday: taco soup OR taco salad (depends on whether I get lettuce and tomatoes in my produce box on Thursday)

Friday: homemade pepperoni and pineapple pizza (sauce and cheese are in the freezer and I intend to make extra crusts to freeze) and a green salad or crudités

Saturday: pulled pork sandwiches from the freezer

Sunday: pancakes

What are you eating this week? Head over to to Meal Planning Monday for more tips and menu ideas.

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Jancisco said...

Oh yes. I remember that strawberry crisp. AMAZING!

I love your blog. I'm sad I haven't been over here more often.