Friday, March 18, 2011

My favorite room of the house

This is my garage after I finished epoxy-painting the floor. The first few weeks after I finished the floor, my husband and I would just walk in to the garage and stand there, smiling. You can see that I didn't do a perfect job, but it was my first big project, and I was sooooo proud. Just ignore that clothesline; we needed it for a while because our dryer was out of order.

As beautiful as the garage is above, it was even MORE beautiful with some edging. Our amazing friend/realtor and his wife brought over their nail gun, caulking, and spent an entire afternoon and evening on this project. Sadly, I didn't take pictures until we got the water softener in, so here's a peek at the corner.

It is surprisingly easy to epoxy paint a garage floor, although it does require careful reading of instructions. The men of and around the house (my husband, his brother and father) took care of the preliminary cleaning/degreasing/etching, and I did the fun part - the painting and the flake sprinkling.

One thing that is a little tricky is that once you mix the epoxy, you are under the gun to get the painting done quickly . The longer you go, the drier the epoxy gets, and after a certain time frame, it's just too sticky/tacky to work with. The instructions make that abundantly clear.

We love the way the floor looks, and we love knowing that mud and oil leaks won't stain our garage.

If you're thinking about doing this, check out some of the products out there. We used Quikrete and were really pleased.

Here I am working on the edge - how do you like my work clothes? My husband eventually persuaded me to switch to a roller, which was much faster. Thanks, Schnookiepookums!

Here's the garage after I painted the concrete dividers and the edges.

A shot from inside the house at the halfway point. You can see the colored flakes
if you look closely.

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