Monday, October 24, 2011

Menu for the week of 10/24

I love new beginnings. Hence, I love Mondays. A new day and a whole new week. A chance to be better and to plan a new menu!

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Here's a brief report on our grocery bill. To this point, I have spent $357.90 on groceries this month. I still need to buy a few things for this week, but I am ecstatic! Last month, our total was $677.18! The biggest things I've done this month to bring down that bill are
1)plan meals
2) shop with a list and stick to it
3)bake our own bread.

This is the link to my original menu plan for last week. Here's what really happened:

Monday I followed the plan and made stir-fry with brown rice and veggies (mug brownies for dessert).

Tuesday I made Southwest potato-corn chowder (my cauliflower had gone bad. Ugh.) It was EXCELLENT. I liked it so much that I made it again on Wednesday. (Do you ever do that?) Served it with crusty bread, which I tried baking in loaf pans this time.

Thursday, I turned my leftover manicotti filling into lasagne and it was a big hit. I used no-boil noodles, added spinach and carrots cut in rounds, made a simple marinara sauce, and topped with mozzarella and parmesan cheese. I think it's the first successful lasagne I've ever made. I was so proud. My husband LOVED it.

Friday, I made shepherd's pie served with a green salad and used up the last of my instant mashed potatoes (bought a big box to help my kids survive my first trimester of pregnancy when I wasn't cooking). This was really tasty.

Saturday, my husband made whole wheat brown sugar banana bread pancakes. They were tasty, but way too sweet for my a meal in my opinion.

Sunday, we had simple whole wheat pasta with another batch of that marinara sauce and a green salad. Made apple crisp for dessert and topped it with vanilla ice cream. Yum!

Without further ado, here is the menu plan for this week:

Monday: dinner in a pumpkin (since I didn't get to it last week)
Tuesday: Ben's Italian lentil soup with crusty bread
Wednesday: stuffed bells peppers
Thursday: acorn squash and kale soup with crusty bread (can't have too much soup and crusty bread!)
Friday: homemade pizza
Saturday: chili at the church Trunk or Treat
Sunday: leftovers or something

What are you cooking this week? Anything festive for Halloween?

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Mary said...

Erin-I served the Dinner in a Pumpkin yesterday for guests. I did not have a green pepper and only 1lb of beef but it turned out so good! Thanks for the recipe. I will have to try Kale soup since I am a big Kale fan!


Anonymous said...

Your menu last week and current sound great. And it's chilly today so soup and crusty bread sound wonderful!

Tonight: Chicken in a crockpot served with Butternut Squash & rice (& leftover apple crisp)
Tuesday: Beef Tacos w/ refried beans
Wednesday: New recipe - Cheesy chicken and rice bake with black beans & corn served with lettuce salad
Thursday is reserved for our leftovers since it's gymnastics night.
Friday: hamburger hashbrown hotdish (from the freezer because it's scrapbooking night at church for me) served with salad

Hopewell said...

Everything sounds great--but especially the soup this week and last week! We love soup when it's cold out!

Lisa @

Rachelle @ Adventures in Creating said...

Can you come over to my house and cook for us? ;) You'll have to tell me what Texas Caviar is- I lived in Texas for almost 15 years and I've never heard of it!

Handy Man, Crafty Woman said...

Your menus sound delicious. I will be trying them in the coming weeks! Thanks for linking to Wicked Awesome Wednesday!

Erin said...

Thanks, everybody. I'm enjoying the cooler weather, too. I could eat soup every single day and be happy (if only my kids would go along with that)!