Thursday, February 25, 2016

RSBC week 3

It's been a slow week. My mileage is about the same as last week:

Swimming: 0 (I am determined to have swimwear by the end of the month!)

Biking: 29.6 miles

Running: 8.9 miles

On the positive side, my homemade sauerkraut was delicious! It's been on the counter all this time (9 days). I tried some 3 days in, and it was good, though very mild. I ate more yesterday and it had much more flavor. Such an easy thing to make and feel good about! I'm going to make another batch and try to always have some on hand.  $.42 for a head of cabbage and the  caraway seeds are already in my pantry.

I didn't make yogurt this week, but I have all that I need ready and am about to embark on my first yougurt-making. I'll report on that next week.

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