Tuesday, February 16, 2016

RSBC 2016: Week 2

My beautiful baby sauerkraut, only a few minutes old

Running total: 5.8 miles  (20.4 to go)

Bike total: 26.3 miles (85.7 to go)

Swim total: 0 miles. (2.4 to go) Not one of the swimsuits I ordered in the first batch fit, but another shipment of swim wear is coming in this week. My fingers are crossed.

For the sauerkraut, I followed the recipe here. I only started it today, so I can't comment yet on the flavor. I will say that the "raw" sauerkraut was delightful.

As we finish up week 2, I'm wishing there would be another challenge in March. I'm feeling motivated and having a great time. Who's with me?

What is RSBC?

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Kara said...

What cute kraut! Hmm, another challenge in March. I might be up for something. What did you have in mind?