Monday, March 12, 2012

Menu for the week of 3/12

Let me just say that things did not go as planned last week. I don't remember what we ate exactly - sandwiches and cereal and whatever else we could find without cooking. My 2 year old broke her foot jumping off our bookshelf - she is quite a spunky monkey! A sweet friend of mine brought us dinner on Saturday, we were invited to dinner on Sunday, and thus ended the week.

This week will be different!

Monday: pasta w/butternut squash sauce (saute an onion, a carrot, a bell pepper, and butternut squash. Add some chicken broth, a little milk, and purée when vegetables are tender).

Tuesday: potato kale soup w/gruyère and broccoli cauliflower cheese soup (I have some friends coming for lunch). Also baking wheat bread for toast and sandwiches the rest of the week.

Wednesday: taco salad

Thursday: smoothies and supernachos

Friday: baked potatos, mini meatloaf, green beans

Saturday: beef fajitas

Sunday: Quick coq au vin with crusty bread

For lunches, we're eating leftover bean burgers, pbjs, grilled cheese, ham sandwiches, and we're snacking on popcorn, smoothies, apples and string cheese.

What are you eating this week? For more meal planning tips and ideas, please visit's Meal Planning Monday.

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