Monday, November 21, 2011

Menu for the week of 11/21

Cranberry pumpkin muffins (Wednesday)

For some weird reason, nothing sounds good to me at all. It is hard to plan meals in those cases. Luckily, I have two helpful and hungry boys sitting with me to help make decisions.

For Thursday, we have a number of guests who are bringing food items, but our meal should look something like what is planned below. I don't know what kind of leftovers there will be, but I intend to claim the turkey carcass for making broth and we'll likely have turkey soup either Friday or Saturday.

In our grocery budget tracking, we have spent right around $350 this month and the shopping for this week is already done. The goal is to stay at $400 or less. One week to go - can we do it?

Here is our plan for the week:

Monday: homemade pizza, raw veggies, and orange dreamsicle floats

Tuesday: tacos made with homemade taco seasoning

Wednesday: cranberry pumpkin muffins (breakfast)
baked potatoes, baked lemon rosemary chicken, green beans, butternut squash, green salad and cranberry chocolate oatmeal cookies

Thursday: turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberry sauce, sweet potato casserole, green beans, green salad, fruit salad, rolls, pumpkin pie,

Friday: leftovers - turkey soup?

Saturday: leftovers - turkey sandwiches with artichoke and sundried tomatoes?

Sunday: lasagne, crusty bread, green salad, layered pumpkin pie toffee cheesecake or cranberry pecan tarts

What are your plans for Thanksgiving? Traveling to see family? Staying home and hosting? Keeping it quiet?

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