Sunday, April 10, 2011

I'm a fan

Last weekend, we (meaning my husband and his handy brother) put up our first ceiling fan! I was not here to document the process and learn how to do it, but my husband snapped a few photos of the process. Because the ceiling was already blocked for a fan, it only took an hour and a half instead of the 4 hours the instructions said it would take. Woohoo!

This is the before shot. Pay no attention to the random objects on the mantle. That is another project for another day and another post.


Almost done!

TA-DAAA! I am thrilled with this fan!

Not only were these men working on the fan, they were also on childwatch duty with 9 kids. (One set of parents out of town donated a few extras. I was with my sister-in-law at a dress rehearsal for our Easter performance of Savior of the World.) Thank you, men!

Next weekend, maybe, we'll put in the bedroom fan? In the meantime, we are itching to get our square foot garden built and planted!

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Handy Man, Crafty Woman said...

we've put up many ceiling fans before! It gets easier with each one that you do.