Thursday, April 28, 2011

The wonder of steamed cauliflower

I haven't cared much for cauliflower in my life until recently. My Kristi Approved meal plan suggested steaming cauliflower, puréeing it, and adding it to pasta sauce. Since I have two boys who are unreliable vegetable eaters, I decided it might work as a secret ingredient.

I steamed it in my pressure cooker for 10 minutes (probably could have done half as much time) and then added it to 2 of my regular jars of tomato basil pasta sauce, simmering with a pound of 96% lean beef. 

Behold, the pasta sauce! I can't really see the cauliflower. It made the sauce a little thicker and a bit more creamy.

Everyone ate it. 1 boy liked it, 1 boy complained that I must have used the wrong kind of meat since the sauce tasted weird, my baby girl devoured it (like she does almost everything), and my husband ate it, but didn't love it. I liked it AND felt virtuous eating it:) I count that experiment a success since everyone ate it.

I may try it again. My pickiest eater, who has always hated cantaloupe, told me last week that he ate some cantaloupe at school, and he thought he was starting to like it. They say that kids need to try new foods 10x before they may develop a liking for them.

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