Monday, January 9, 2012

Menu for the week of 1/9

Garden vegetable crustless quiche
One of the good habits I began last fall was menu planning. Special thanks to Laura at for always hosting Menu Plan Monday and also to Tsh at for teaching me how to use pinterest for menu planning. I also use as a repository for my favorite recipes and to put together my weekly grocery list - then I access it via my phone at the grocery store. It's fantastic! Believe it or not, menu planning has become something I look forward to.

It's time to announce the winner of Tsh's e-book, One Bite at a Time! Congratulations to Kristi. Watch for an email from me with details on claiming your prize!
Kristi said...
I like to take a shower to overcome the whelms. It washes everything away.

For the rest of you, take advantage of promo code HAPPYNEWYEAR to save $1 and get One Bite at a Time instantly (it's available as a pdf, on Kindle, or Nook) for only $4. This code is valid through tomorrow (Tuesday 1/10). I have saved sooooo much money just by implementing the menu planning.

The project I'm currently working on from One Bite at a Time is establishing a morning routine and getting up earlier (hence going to bed earlier as well). It never occurred to me to have a morning routine that was for nourishing and preparing me for the day BEFORE I start mom duty. I usually have gone to bed so late that I wake up at the last possible minute (when my kids are trying to eat breakfast or get on the bus).  My routine so far is to read my vision statement for the year, to pray, to study scriptures, to review my weekly goals, and to review my daily task list. Today is my first day with that routine and so far, so good. 

Here is the menu plan for this week.

Monday: meatless tamale pies with green salad

Tuesday: black bean soup and cornbread

Wednesday: spaghetti/spaghetti squash with Mel's homemade sauce, crusty bread, green beans

Thursday: Garden Vegetable Crustless Quiche

Friday: pita pizzas on homemade whole wheat pitas, crudités (bell peppers, carrot sticks, cucumber), strawberry banana chocolate protein smoothies

Saturday: Dovi (African peanut stew) with spinach

Sunday: taco salad

For snacks this week, we'll be eating popcorn and apple slices, cheese sticks, homemade Knekkebrød (which I hope is like a Wasa cracker), nachos (my guilty pleasure) and the occasional FiberOne bar. The kids love these, but I prefer Clif Bar Builder Bar in Chocolate (20 grams of protein!). 

What's going on your table this week? Did you get a copy of Tsh's book? What project are you actually WORKING on?

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