Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Progress in the kitchen

Way back in April, I wrote a post called babysteps in one corner of the kitchen. I've made some more progress and wanted to document it.

Here is my beautiful corner today. Way in the back on the hall wall is our wedding photo from 11 years ago. It makes me happy. I found the clock yesterday at Home Goods. It says Cafe de Paris. I can't afford a plane ticket, but I can afford a clock. The red rectangle of wood was a Christmas gift from my mom several years ago. It has our family name in creamy capitol letters and across the middle in black script, it says Families are forever.

You might be wondering what it used to look like? Here is the original before photo from the old post:

And here is the after photo from that old post. Notice that you are only seeing one side of what's shown in the photo above? That's because the other side is still a mess of papers and random things to put away.

Here is the finished hot spot, all cleaned off. The papers that used to live here have been sorted into the recycle bin or one of 3 folders: To File, To Take Action, or To Pay. What you see now is a photo of my kids, a framed copy of our family purpose statement, and a little organizer where I keep notepads and coupons. The sign (extremely me) says I may be inconsistent, but not all the time. It used to live on top of my fridge.

Once more because it does my heart good to see it.

I like capturing the clean moments:) Even if only one little corner of my house is clean, it does me good to see it often and to remember it.

What small success can you celebrate today?


Jane said...

Towels were clean and folded before I went to bed last night. (Not put away, but folded at least!)

Delightful Order said...

Once again, you've been featured!

Thanks for sharing,