Saturday, March 24, 2012

Progress in my bedroom

Last week, I got lots of work done thanks to a Saturday burst of energy. This week, not so much, but there is still progress, and as the title of the blog indicates, I am all about baby steps, small improvements, and progress.

The one room in the house that has never been clean since we moved in 18 months ago is my bedroom. It is getting closer and closer. Here are some of the things that I got done this week:

  • I sorted through the green accordion file with legal, medical, and tax archives, as well as the file crate from the closet and sent an enormous stack of papers to the recycle bin, as well as shredding another enormous stack (which filled a huge garbage bag). The consolidated files fit in the covered bin I purchased and slides nicely under my bed. 
  • I cleaned the full-length mirror, as well as my bathroom mirror, the bathtub, and the mirror in the half-bath.
  • I cleaned off our dresser! This is a feat in itself, as it has been the repository of many papers, random stacks of picture frames, full and empty shoe boxes, and anything else that was homeless.
  • I cleared most of the window seat. It still has my 2 mismatched sock bins and my small remaining homeless/action item pile, but look at all that empty space!
  • I vacuumed the bedroom floor. This is momentous because it means that the carpet space was visible!

Here is the dresser before (sorry about the dark photo):

And here is the dresser after:

Here is the window seat area before:

Here is the window seat after:

There is still work to be done, but things are looking so much better. I can BREATHE in my room. It is starting to feel much more restful there. 

I am linking up to's Project Simplify. Check it out for all kinds of inspiring before and after shots!

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Michelle said...

Awesome Erin. I am going through the same process right now. I feel your pain, but it feels amazing after you finish.