Sunday, December 18, 2011

Menu plan for week of 12/19

Fruit platter pie

Monday: ham and cheese sandwiches, blackberries, bell peppers, leftover fruit platter pie

Tuesday: Tracy M's homemade meatballs (freezer friendly), Mel's classic marinara (freezer friendly), pasta, green beans, crusty bread

Wednesday: Hearty bean burgers and homemade crispy sweet potato fries 

Thursday: Mom's minnestrone soup and crusty bread

Friday: homemade pizza and crudités (cucumbers, bell peppers, carrot sticks)

Saturday (Christmas Eve): lasagne, green salad, crusty bread

Sunday breakfast/brunch: overnight cinnamon rolls, shredded potato baskets with eggs, bacon, and cheese

Sunday dinner: baked ham, ham sauce, gratin dauphinois, green beans, sweet potatoes, green salad


Kristi said...

I would be interested in your mother's minestrone soup recipe. Also, I read your Sunday plans and thought, "Wow. Erin's going all out." Then I remembered what day Sunday is.

Delightful Order said...

Hey there,
I'm gonna ask you to link up again, and choose another photo other than the linky tools photo.

Glad to have you at the party. Thanks for linking up each week.

:) DaNita