Monday, November 7, 2011

Menu for the week of 11/7 & Harry Potter dinner plans

On the menu this week: Italian lentil soup

On a routine grocery run last week, I was thrilled  to find several packages of whole chicken cut up and marked down to $.69/lb for quick sale. I grabbed several and put them in my freezer. I had one thawing in the fridge over the weekend.This morning after the boys left for school, I got out the crockpot and threw in some celery leaves, cut up carrots, onions, and a whole chicken (cut into pieces). I added some water,  salt and pepper, 2 bay leaves, and a sprinkling of garlic powder. That will be our broth and at least some of our chicken for the week. Yummy!

Entering the 2nd week of the month, I've spent $91.56 on groceries for our family of 5. Nothing yet on dining (which includes school lunch bills and hubby school lunches when he forgets to take food.) My goal for the month is to keep our grocery bill at or below $400, to send lunches to school with the boys at least 3x/week, and to send lunch with hubby every day. I will be reporting on this every Monday with my menu plans.

Here's our menu for the week:

Monday: pizza (we won free pizza from Papa John's!), cucumber slices, carrot sticks

Tuesday: Moroccan chicken and couscous (the one thing on last week's menu that we didn't get to)

Wednesday:  Ben's Italian lentil soup and crusty bread

Thursday: Lemon tilapia over spinach with a side of sweet potatoes

Friday: Hawaiian haystacks over brown rice, topped with cheddar cheese, tomatoes, chow mein noodles, dried coconut, pineapple chunks, green onions, with a side of steamed broccoli

Saturday: A Harry Potter themed meal for our son's birthday party, which will include: 

Dragon Burgers (hamburgers)
Hippogryff cheese (cheese)
Devil’s Snare (alfafa sprouts)
Nightshade slices (tomatoes)
Gurdy root (onion rounds)
Sliced gillyweed (pickles)
Scurvy grass (celery)
Mandrake roots (carrots)
Sneezewort (bell pepper slices)
Abyssinian shrivelfig (apple slices)

I'll try to get some good pictures of the party to share with you next week .

Sunday: Chicken noodle soup, crusty bread, garden vegetable crustless quiche (I have family coming for dinner and some may prefer quiche to soup; if there is leftover quiche, I will eat it for breakfast the next day!)

One of those days, I am going to make Vietnamese Chicken Salad for lunch with some of that chicken that came out of the crockpot. Just for me. I know no one else will especially love it or even eat it, so I'm not going to make it an evening meal.

For breakfasts, we will have oatmeal, rice pudding with the leftover rice, oatmeal pancakes, and possibly some granola.

What are you eating this week?


BerryMorins Bits & Tips said...

Best wishes in obtaining your food budget goal. I've read about many bloggers who are making this a goal.
I'm trying to stick to the grocery store weekly flyers when purchasing meat, pork and chicken. So far, so good.
We utilize Sam's Club for paper goods and Big Lots for cleaning supplies and pantry items.
Happy Birthday wishes to your son!

wacki04@TheKing'sCourt IV said...

That Moroccan chicken and couscous looks delicious! Hope you meet your goal too! I keep a strict budget, pack lunches and everything too! Good luck and keep up the good work!

Jane said...

Tonight we had Macaroni Hotdish which I prepped last night.Also on the menu this week: Skillet Penne & Sausage Supper, Split Pea Soup (from my freezer), Texas BBQ Quesadillas & Cheater French Dip (deli roast beef with French Onion Soup)

Enjoy the birthday party! Sounds you like to plan the details as much as I do! :)

Pretend Fancy said...

Just wanted to come by and thank you for your sweet comment on remodelaholics! I love the new clock you have in your kitchen--I would love to go to Paris someday too but can't afford that ticket, maybe that means I need a new clock just like yours... :)

Michelle said...

Looks like a perfectly balanced menu - I always find that bit hard in my menu planning

Jordan McCollum said...

Yum! I love Moroccan dishes with couscous, so I'll be sure to check out your recipe!